Vale Lord Rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks – CCJ Vic Press Release

PRESS RELEASE FROM COUNCIL OF CHRISTIANS AND JEWS (VIC) 8 November 2020 Like so many people and organisations around the world, the Council of Christians and Jews (Vic) was shocked this morning to learn of the death of Lord Rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks.

Rabbi Sacks was a master communicator. As an orator, his skills were beyond compare and he regularly thrilled his audiences. Many of the us at the Council have fond memories of hearing him and meeting him during his many trips to Melbourne. But it was as a writer that he truly excelled and connected to so many communities. He has become the quintessential Jewish writer of our times, covering topics that other Jewish writers rarely wrote about, like morality, ethics, hope and radicalism, but always infusing each topic with his take on Judaism and with Jewish texts, and never shying away from the controversial and difficult subject matters.

His books and essays, more than his speeches, have become widely read and not just in the Jewish community. As the Council of Christians and Jews, many of our Christian members are just as familiar with his writings as our Jewish members, sometimes even more so, as he has become the go-to writer for Christians wanting to find out about Judaism and Jewish positions of specific issues. He wrote with knowing insight about the scriptures we share, and for all people, he spoke of a vision of a world where difference is respected, harmony is valued and hope is central.

As Chief Rabbi of the Commonwealth, he commanded respect; as a writer he earned it and held it for decades. Together with Jews of all stripes and people of faith around the world, we mourn his intellect, his ability to explain even the most complex concepts in simple terms, but most of all we mourn his humility, his passion and his humanity.

We extend our condolences to his family and to the many around the world who were inspired by his teaching and wisdom, and hope to continue to learn from his legacy for many years to come.

Alex Kats
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