Gesher 2020 – First Instalment

Dear Members and Friends,
The Council of Christians and Jews (Victoria) is happy to offer for your enjoyment this first issue of the 2020 edition of Gesher, our annual journal.
2020 has turned out to be an extraordinary year that has required an extraordinary approach for publication.
This year’s journal is being published in electronic form (PDF) for free distribution and download.
Three issues are planned in total for 2020.
The theme of Gesher 2020 is Religion and Ecology. Over the three planned issues, we will look at the bushfires, climate change, COVID-19 and related topics from the point of view of faith and ethics, economics and society.
As in this first issue, we will continue to explore these topics through essays, art, poetry and scripture.
The new format was chosen specifically so that each issue could reach you in a timely manner while these issues are current.
We encourage you to distribute this issue first of Gesher 2020 widely to your community and acquaintances. Do not hesitate to reproduce it and pass it on to as many potential readers as possible.
This issue and the future issues of Gesher 2020 will be available for download in high resolution from the CCJ Website at  There is also a link below to access a low resolution download.
We are thankful to the editorial team and the contributors for this first issue, and we commend it to you for your enjoyment!
David Schütz                                                                                                      Thilo Troschke
Editor, Gesher 2020                                                                                         CCJ Vic Chairman

Click here to download the first instalment:

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