Tackling Hate Speech Program

Dear Members and Friends

Recently, violent extremism has targeted synagogues in the United States, mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, and churches in Sri Lanka.  It’s fed by the growing divisions in society created by hate speech, much of it online.

Today I am writing to you to seek your support for a new initiative to fight hate speech developed by The Council of Christians and Jews (Victoria) Inc. together with The Online Hate Prevention Institute.  The program has been designed so we can bring it to churches, synagogues and hopefully mosques around Victoria.

The aim of it is to provide training that can be introduced to congregants, and anyone else interested, to recognise hate speech, know how it develops and how to respond and report.  The purpose of this program is to educate congregants and to train others to reach as many people as possible.

Community Representative Training will take place on November 10, 2019.  Registration deadline for participation in November 1, 2019.  To register contact CCJ Vic at:  ccjvic@bigpond.net.au or:  03 9429 5212

The details of the program are set out in the attached flyer and we are planning to launch it on Sunday, 18 August 2019, at our Annual General Meeting.

Sincerely and with blessings

Thilo Troschke LL.M.  Chairman

Click here to download the flyer:  https://www.ccjvic.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/CCJ-OHPI-Flyer-1.pdf