April 2020 A Message from Our Chairman

Dear Members and Friends

I hope this email message finds you well and coping with these isolating times.

Last week we posted out membership renewal letters. In the letter I mentioned how important your ongoing support is for our work and also for us to be able to offer interesting functions and events over the next twelve months.

Regrettably, we will not be able to offer functions and events for all of us to meet again in person in the next few months because of the coronavirus restrictions. We will, however, seek to offer you “virtual” opportunities to participate in interesting and educational functions and discussions through the use of videoconferencing software such as ZOOM. I fully realise that this is not the same as meeting up with many of you in person but it is the best we can do in the circumstances. We are also planning on presenting slide and text presentations on subjects relevant to Jewish/Christian inter-faith matters. You will be notified as soon as information is available on upcoming functions and events.

In light of the above, I am asking you again to please keep supporting us with your financial membership which will enable us to continue our important work.

I now wish you every blessing for a peaceful Passover and Easter in a coronavirus-changed world!

Stay safe and well

Thilo Troschke
Council of Christians and Jews of VictoriaApru